Nutrition Counseling

OHS has long held that nutrition and a balanced diet is the key to help minimizing the effects of a patient’s illness as well as treatments. A patient’s dietary needs during treatment become crucial in maintaining a nourished and healthy body, whether it is to help prevent cancer or navigate problems due to the disease itself. With some patients nutrition can sometimes fall to the wayside.

How can nutrition counseling help?

Our certified nutrition consultant, Alyssa Lynch PA, sits one on one with each patient and their caregivers to go over a personalized diet plan.

Each plan is developed specifically for that patient’s needs and is designed to:

  • Boost strength & energy
  • Prevents malnutrition
  • Boost the immune system
  • Help the patient bounce back after treatment
  • Help with quality of life
  • Cope with symptoms from the treatment
  • Discuss supplement use

What kind of advice will the dietitian be giving us?

Each patient’s consultation with our nutrition consultant will consist of discussing & educating patients as well as their caregiver on each patient’s dietary needs. The consultant will also set up a personal nutrition plan that can be followed by both patient and caregiver. They will suggest ideas on how to manage the side effects of their illness, such as nausea, weight loss, and fatigue. They are also a great resource for recipes that are both palatable and nutritional.

Treating cancer doesn’t simply stop with chemotherapy or medications. We believe in treating the whole patient, head to foot. Nutrition is an important part of your treatment with us at OHS.

Be sure to schedule your personalized nutrition plan with our certified nutrition consultant before your treatment begins!

Be sure to schedule your nutrition appt!


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