Dear Patients & Friends of OHS:

As the state of New Jersey starts to lift some of its restrictions we will be lifting a few of ours.

Visitor Policy 

  • Established Patients—Regular Office Visit—You are allowed no more than ONE visitor in with you.
  • Established Patient-Scan/Pathology Review—You are allowed no more than TWO visitors with you.
  • New Patients—Initial Consult—You are allowed no more than TWO visitors with you.

Infusion Room Visitor Policy

There are still NO VISITORS allowed in our infusion room. We do not have the room to safely social distance and allow visitors in. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Mask Policy 

Masks are still required for ALL patients and visitors. Please be sure to wear them at all times in our facility. We have several immune-compromised patients here and their safety is our first priority.

Entering the Building 

All patients and visitors will still be greeted by our COVID screener. You will have your temperature taken and asked a few COVID-related questions. You are still expected to socially distance yourself from other patients & visitors.

What We Are Doing to Protect You 

We are still deep cleaning our facility regularly. Our staff is still wearing the appropriate PPE. We have several antibacterial dispenser stations throughout the facility. We have UV scrubbers installed in our HVAC units to add an extra layer of sanitation.

We want to say thank you for all of your understanding as we navigated this pandemic. We know it hasn’t been easy on anyone.

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