Dear Patients & Friends of OHS:

We hope you and your families are well. As the weather turns pleasant and the state of NJ slowly opens up from quarantine, we would like to update you on a few things. We are allowing more patients into our building however, we still have some restrictions you will need to be aware of.

1.) No Visitors - At this point there are still no visitors allowed. Only the patient will be allowed into the building. We apologize. We know how hard this is on some of our patients and their family members, but our facility can only accommodate so many people inside safely. We do not have the room to allow visitors in with the patient and still be capable of social distancing. Our patient's health and safety are our first priority and we ask for your kind understanding as you help us protect them.

2.) Parking Lot Phone Number - This phone number has been discontinued until further notice. When you arrive, you can walk up to the entrance without calling.

3.) You Must Wear a Masks - Masks are still required to enter the building. Per Gov. Phil Murphy, masks are required statewide until further notice and we must legally abide by this. Thank you for your understanding.

4.) Temperature Taking - This is still required for anyone who enters the building. Patients with fevers will not be allowed into the building, but will be advised where they will be able to go.

Please note: Oncology patients are more immuno-compromised than other patients. We take their health and safety VERY seriously and we are forced to be more strict than other doctor's offices. Thank you for understanding.

Though the state is relaxing, we want you to be assured that we will continue to keep our facility as safe as possible for patients.


The OHS Physicians

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